Come Find Us At Passage Verdeau

Come Find Us At Passage Verdeau

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Bonjour! It’s August in Paris.  The Parisians have decamped the city.  It might seem like everywhere is closed and wide-eyed tourists have taken over the streets, guide book in hand and Instagram account at the ready.  But don’t despair! The slower pace offers perfect opportunities to take advantage of the wonders of Paris! Miss P is still here this month so join us on our favourite late-summer activities.  First, we wanted to introduce you to our new home in Passage Verdeau!

Passage Verdeau

If you’ve never explored the Passages of Paris, then get ready to promenade in style through these gorgeous arcades of discovery! From the start of the nineteenth century, these were the places to be seen shopping in Paris.  During August many shopkeepers and restaurants may be “En Vacances” (closed for holidays), yet the passages remain a perfect reprieve from the heat and crowds on the streets.  

In Miss P’s neighbourhood in the 9e, we’re lucky enough to have three passages: Passage des Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy and Passage Verdeau, each with their own personality. Passage de Panoramas - home of a très traditionnel Parisian lunch.

Passage de Panoramas

Passage Jouffroy - frivolity and fun for young and young at heart with Musee Grevin, souvenirs and toy shops. Here you’ll also find Hôtel Chopin, one of the oldest hotels in Paris which have been in continuous operation since 1846! 

Passage Jouffroy

Our new home: Passage Verdeau

Miss Parfaite

Since 1847 the quietly elegant Passage Verdeau has been the calmer sister to Passage Jouffroy.  The long glass skylight with fishbone vault fills the passage with light under which soft pink flagstone floors glow. We couldn’t think of a more fitting place for Miss Parfaite to call home - a veritable runway of pink edged in black!  Like us, Monsieur Verdeau was an entrepreneur with an appreciation of life’s finer things - Apparently, he is responsible for creating a linen rental business for the hotels of Paris. 

Miss Parfaite

You might hear that Passage Verdeau is famous for antique dealers, second-hand books and art, and this reputation is carried by the passage’s proximity to Hôtel Drouot, the famous Parisian auction rooms which have been operating since 1852.  The area is historically known as Quartier Art Drouot, but there’s a fresh energy and style awakening in the neighbourhood.  We can’t wait to share our new (and old) favourites with you!

In the meantime, if you find yourself in Paris this August, escape the heat and wander the Passages.  Be sure to say “Bonjour” to the windows at 22 Passage Verdeau, where you’ll find an amuse-bouche of Miss Parfaite style!  

You’ll find Passage Verdeau running between rue de la Grange-Bateliére and rue du Faubourg-Montmarte.

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